National Debt Cap Reached Again! – September 2013 – Government Regulation

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September 2013 marks the next time the U.S. government reaches the debt cap. Just how much longer can our economy survive?? There seems to be no end to this madness. The only solution  politicians can come to an agreement with is to just raise the debt limit when the obvious solution is to Continue reading

How to cut glass – Do it yourself

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Cutting glass isn’t hard to do and can be done with little or no experience as long as you know a couple basic tips. We had a large piece of glass, about 5 1/2 feet by 3 feet, that we wanted to put on top of a small piece of furniture. Of course we needed to cut the glass so it would fit our Continue reading

How to Win in Las Vegas at Roulette – Casino Odds

By: Blake

I just got back from a five day vacation in Las Vegas and who goes to Vegas without hitting some of the casinos? Of course I had to try my luck and unlike many people I was able to walk out of the casino with more money than I came in with. That’s right! I actually Continue reading

Hobie Kayak with Pedals


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Buying the right kayak can be easy if you know what you are looking for. There are many to choose from, but I know my favorite brand is Hobie. They offer a variety of kayaks that are built to handle the requirements of many outdoor activities. With a set of foot pedals, traveling on the water has never been easier. Continue reading

KH-202 LTD Guitar

By: Blake

LTD, live the dream is the motto painted on my new guitar. The KH-202 is a huge upgrade from my previous guitar which was a Squire by Fender. I had to retire my old guitar, which was also my first guitar, after I started trying to learn more difficult songs. There were some things that just couldn’t be done on it. After a trip to Sam Ash I was able to find the guitar that would suit my new song choices. Continue reading

Electronic Cigarettes – Cheap Healthy Alternative

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By: Blake

Since the smoking tax became active many smokers have resorted to limiting their nicotine intake to save a buck. In my eyes the smoking tax is a good thing. It will persuade a lot of people to quit smoking, especially if they have a tight financial situation where they must watch their spending. Fortunately though there is a solution for this “taxing” problem. A new breed of cigarettes Continue reading

Great Mobile Camera – Omnia

The Omnia makes for a slightly larger phone, but a small handy digital camera. Since it is always with you the thought “If I only had a camera” is now obsolete. I recently got an Omnia and I have found many to take a picture that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to. Continue reading

Body Worlds Exhibit – Controversial?

By: Blake

The body worlds exhibit is both intriguing and a bit creepy at the same time. Just knowing that the bodies in the exhibit are real is enough to weird just about anyone out, but if you can get past your weak stomach you will start to realize just how amazing the displays are. The hours put into this unique form of art are tremendous, but the rewards can be great. The exhibit offers Continue reading