Xbox One worth it? Release November, 2013

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Is Xbox One worth the buy??

At a starting price of $500 this mini computer better be worth the expense and Microsoft needs to take their customers seriously. With substantially low pre-sales for the Xbox One, Microsoft took action and Continue reading

Rock Paper Scissors Java Script

 By: Blake

I have been getting into some programming and I thought I would share a simple rock paper scissors game I made with java script. I used Continue reading

Cataclysm Sub Rogue PvP Gems, Gear and Reforge

Level 85 – World of Warcraft Subtlety PvP Rogue

Stat priority is important to look at when trying to perfect your class. For example, sub rogues benefit from more crit where as mut rogues benefit more from mastery. This is because subtlety rogue’s damage is crit bases due to the use

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Best Subtlety Rogue PvP Talents – World of Warcraft Cataclysm

The top rated rogues in Cataclysm have chosen the subtlety tree for arenas. Now, I’m not saying that the other rogue specs aren’t viable for PvP, but why try to reinvent the wheel. The subtlety tree has proven itself in the PvP world; its just up to you to choose the Continue reading

Sub Rogue pvp Spec – Cataclysm Talents

 Since Cataclysm’s release, World of Warcraft has greatly changed. Even the pvp aspect of the game has changed due to the reworking of all classes talent trees. Pro mut/assassination rogues have been trying to master skills of the subtlety spec. While mutilate is still viable for pvp, it has some serious mobility issues. Without a

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Razer Naga – Gaming Mouse and Addon

Summary: Every gamer wants to improve their game play experience. The Razer Naga can do just that. With 12 buttons accessible on the side of the mouse, any gamer can make the most of customizable hot keys. I had to try the Razer Naga for myself. I got the mouse and the game addon and put them to the test. Continue reading

My computer makes a loud grinding / buzzing sound!

Don’t trash your computer! A simple fix can solve the grinding noise problem. I bought a gaming computer around a year ago for about 1,000 dollars and just recently it started making a loud grinding sound. I took Continue reading

Save It To Your Hard Drive – XBox 360 Games

By: Blake

Microsoft came out with the XBox 360′s new user interface which added a new dimension to gaming. The ability to put games on your hard drive. This may not sound like much at first, but it has eliminated several annoyances that gamers go through when playing games. The ability to put games on your hard drive reduces Continue reading

XBox Live Connection – Open, Moderate, Severe (Port Forwarding)

By: Blake

If you have an XBox and you like to play online then you will want an (open) Internet connection. This type of connection will make playing online much more enjoyable than if your connection is on (moderate) or (severe). Having an open connection will let you play with any one and will not restrict Continue reading

Modded X-Box 360 Rapid Fire Controller – Review

By: Blake

I had to try it. I saw these controllers on YouTube and I decided that I wanted to get one. These controllers work with any shooter including Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and Call of Duty 5. I know that is cheating but it is just so much fun.

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