Bowflex Dumbbells 52.5 lbs

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 By: Blake

I purchased the Bowflex dumbbells a few months ago to use with my p90X workouts. I have to say, the weights are very useful. They are adjustable and range from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds, so I will never need to buy dumbbells again… Continue reading

Bicycle Boom as Gas Prices Soar




By Lori –  Summary:  With gas prices on the rise should commuting by bicycle be a consideration?


Once again, as gas prices begin to rise, we American’s begin to think about how much of our hard earned money is going into our tank and once again, we begin to think of alternatives.

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Reduce Calories with Water Enhancers

Propel, MIO, Great Value flavoring packets and drops


By Lori

I’ve always made somewhat of an attempt to maintain a healthy weight for myself through proper eating and getting some sort of exercise. Having said that, my “healthy”  lifestyle didn’t really include a healthy amount of water intake.

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Low Blood Iron Level – Iron Deficiency Anemia

Summary: Are you feeling tired or fatigued when you shouldn’t be. Maybe your iron levels are low and you have iron deficiency anemia. This is a condition where your body doesn’t get enough oxygen due a lack of iron. Iron is a part of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout your body. Continue reading

Hobie Kayak with Pedals


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Buying the right kayak can be easy if you know what you are looking for. There are many to choose from, but I know my favorite brand is Hobie. They offer a variety of kayaks that are built to handle the requirements of many outdoor activities. With a set of foot pedals, traveling on the water has never been easier. Continue reading

P90x Problem – Pull Up Bar

By: Blake

Many people have purchased the P90x program and when they tried to use it for the first time realized that they lacked an important piece of equipment that is used in the workout routine. A pull up bar isn’t always easy to come by in an ordinary house or a small apartment, but persevere we must! When I got the program I had this particular problem and I came up with a solution that may help others, or it may complicate their lives Continue reading

P90X – Workout DvD

By: Blake

With Tony Horton as your host, take your workouts to the extreme. I tried P90x for a while and have found that it will give you a serious workout. The system is designed around muscle confusion, a workout strategy that doesn’t gives your muscles a chance to get used to a routine by constantly changing the it up. Continue reading

Canoe or Kayak Down Weeki Wachee Springs

By: Blake

Take a trip down Weeki Wachee Springs in Spring Hill Florida. My family usually goes at least a couple times every summer. We have a great experience each time we rent a canoe (and kayak) for this trip. The spring water feeding the small river is so clean and clear, you can see everything that is in the water from fish to manatees. The water is about 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23.5 Celsius) year round, which makes it a perfect place to go for a summer activity. Continue reading

Mountain Biking

 Over the summer I discovered a fun healthy activity that I could do with my friends. Mountain biking. One of my friends had heard about a place we could go to that was free and it was only about twenty minutes from my house. The place in mind was called “Balm Boyette Scrub Reserve.” So one day we decided to load up our bikes and go for a ride.


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