Create Simple Easy Logos or Graphics for Newsletters, Blogs, Webpage Headers etc…

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The graphic above was created using The Logo Creator

By Lori  If you have a need to create clean, simple logos or images for use in flyers, newsletters, websites or blog sites, The Logo Creator is a great software product that is quick, easy and user friendly.

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How to cut glass – Do it yourself

(video below)
Cutting glass isn’t hard to do and can be done with little or no experience as long as you know a couple basic tips. We had a large piece of glass, about 5 1/2 feet by 3 feet, that we wanted to put on top of a small piece of furniture. Of course we needed to cut the glass so it would fit our Continue reading

July 4th – Firewire Cheap Homemade Pyrotechnics

(You can see me in the left circle)

Who said you have to spend tons of money on July 4th or New Year’s Eve to put on an amazing fireworks display? Thanks to the crazy people on YouTube, I have discovered a way to make my own cheap pyrotechnics called firewire. Continue reading Is It a Scam?

By: Blake

Many people are familiar with the popular game site The site gives you a chance to win cash jackpots for free on a variety of games. The jack pots can be up to 4,999 dollars, but does pogo pay out. Continue reading

Craigs List Scam – Fishing

Photo courtesy:

By: Blake

I am selling a few things on craigslist and one item is a 16 foot trampoline. I listed for $150 and soon after the listing became active I got a couple of emails. One of them asked if it was still available, so I responded yes. A few minutes later he responded with a fishy email that raised my suspicion. This is exactly what the email said. Continue reading

5 lb Dog vs. Military Grade Technology (Jawbone – bluetooth)

photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

By: Blake

I own a surprisingly loud toy fox terrier. This dog was the runt of the litter and would be irresistible to most people. This was the case for my family and we purchased the dog from a breeder. Unfortunately we did not foresee the problems this new addition to the family could cause. I started an online business that requires me to make many phone calls daily and Continue reading

Department Store Scams

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Scams are used on a daily basis, but we usually don’t realize just how prevalent they are. I worked at a department store for about a year and within that time I became aware of many scams used in the store that I had previously been unaware of. From creative ways of stealing to intentionally short changing the Continue reading

Stop Motion Animation (How to)

(Photo courtesy

Stop motion animation makes many effects possible that regular filming doesn’t. For example in a stop motion production a person can appear to move across the ground while lying on their stomach or while sitting. Many powerful effects can be achieved through this type of animation, but making one can be quite tedious. Fortunately most people have the materials at hand to make a Continue reading

Segway Tour

Want to try something different? Try and ride a segway. I took a tour in St. Petersburg Florida about the town’s history, but the tour was very different from any normal tour. It was a tour on segways. I thought that the idea of having a tour on segways was a cool idea because most people have never ridden one. The added variable of learning how to ride a segway while taking a tour of a place you haven’t been before can make for a Continue reading