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Hi, I’m Blake Bandy the owner and operator of Article Urge. I live in Riverview Florida and I’m currently going to college and I am undecided about what I want to major in although I do have a couple of ideas. Game design and creative writing are the fields I am currently looking into. I have started writing my first Sci-Fi fantasy book currently called “The Kingdom”, but the name may change before I finish. I posted a couple of paragraphs so you can tell me what you think, some tips would be appreciated so please leave them in a comment section on the page.

I enjoy things on either side of the activity spectrum. For example I love paintball, mountain biking, running, working out and playing racquetball. I also like to sit around all day playing video games and playing on the net. My recent obsession is learning card tricks and learning how to cut the deck with one hand. This is something I like to practice when I am watching tv or when I’m just bored.

I ran cross country in high school which is probably the only reason I run today. I go to LA Fitness where I play racquetball in a league every Wednesday and whenever I have the urge to play. I also workout there three days a week before I go to school and have done so since the start of 09.

I own an xbox 360 and enjoy kicking back and playing a game every now and then. The most recent game I have played is Fallout 3. This game is a lot of fun and you will especially enjoy it if you like Oblivion. Both games are made by Bethesda, so if you like one you will most likely like the other.

Anyway, enough about me. I want to hear your thoughts, so please comment on any of the articles that interest you.

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