Create Simple Easy Logos or Graphics for Newsletters, Blogs, Webpage Headers etc…

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The graphic above was created using The Logo Creator

By Lori  If you have a need to create clean, simple logos or images for use in flyers, newsletters, websites or blog sites, The Logo Creator is a great software product that is quick, easy and user friendly.

The Logo Creator software has been a perfect fit for our on-line internet business; with over 15,000 items listed for sale on our website, this software enables us to create quick, unique product listings or easily advertise “specials”. This simple software solution even gives us the choice of choosing the file type to export our created product allowing us the choice of PNG, PDF, GIF, BMP, JPEG, GIF. You can change your character spacing, make circular or curved text, add special effects like shadowing, blur, emboss or outline and resize the entire project to get the best fit for the page. One word of caution, it’s fun to use, my husband has been known to spend a couple of hours at a time “working” with The Logo Creator all in the name of enhancing a product listing or adding enhanced graphics to one of our blog sites.

We first learned about the software a few years ago when purchasing a desktop computer for our business. A free version came already loaded onto the computer and it gave us the chance to learn a little about its features and what the product had to offer; so after some time of working with the basic version, we decided to download the full feature version and paid somewhere around $100.

So, although there has been an occasion for our son to clean up a graphic or text using Photoshop (which is nowhere as user-friendly), the price and simplicity alone makes this product well worth the cost.

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