US Air Lines Award Notification – See the Letter & Check

DennisB - Summary: US Airlines is a familiar name right? See the letter I received offering me $1400 towards air travel. The check is written out to; US Airlines on behalf of Dennis Bandy. I just need to claim it quickly before I have time to think… uh I mean before they give it to the runner up. Click the image to the left for a full size view.

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I’ve learned long ago that if you win something without ever putting your name in the hat, there’s got to be a catch! I have no problem with creative marketing, but this sounds very suspicious. No return address on the mailing seems fishy too. In the position where the return address should be, it says ” Travel Check Voucher Enclosed These documents are on record as being sent to you. Please verify all information enclosed as current and correct”. FINAL NOTICE.

Travel Promotion?

Click on the image on the right to see the actual letter that I received. Keep in mind this is the third one I’ve received. How did I get on this list since I haven’t entered into any drawings? It’s possible my name ended up on a list somewhere because of one of the several cruises I went on. I went to Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and Key West. I hate thinking I got on a sucker list! Frequent fliers may be targeted for such promotions. Maybe it was because of the Las Vegas trip I took awhile back? Which airline did I take? Let’s see there’s US Airways, Continental, Air Tran, Jet Blue, Delta Airlines… South East. Wait a minute I don’t remember US Airlines! It sounds familiar but I don’t see US Air Lines as an option… anywhere. Seems to be a non existing airline.

Book Your Own Vacation

Well, when something sounds “too good to be true” it usually is. Let’s face it, vacations come too few and far in between. What I don’t want is to be obligated to listen to someone’s “sales” speech, when I should be off enjoying myself. Time share’s are the worst. I know several couples that got roped into free stays in Las Vegas for agreeing to attend a time share meeting. To my surprise, two out of the three couples ended up buying! They later regretted their spur of the moment decision. One thing no one ever regrets is booking their own trip and spending some quality time with their honey. I say, don’t be disappointed and “book your own flight”.

Update: September 9, 2013 Guess what? I Got another one! The better business bureau has also verified what we already knew; that US Airlines is not a real company but can be easily confused with one. And that this is some sort of phishing scheme used to gather people’s personal information if they fall for it. Well here’s the latest “Award Notification” that I received. Click to enlarge.

US Airlines Phishing Scam Letter

Update 9/24/2013 Wow, now US Airlines has sent TWO letters to me that arrived on the same day! They are linked here – US AirLines Bogus Letters. The difference this time, they are not spending money on the blue ink, there’s no voucher and they are listing legitimate air lines like US Air, American Airlines, Southwest, United Airlines, Delta and Jet Blue. I wonder what the real airlines will think of this. Seems like a possible lawsuit to me which may finally stop this phishing scam. Meanwhile, I wish they would go ahead and award my prize (which I didn’t enter anything for) to someone else!

25 thoughts on “US Air Lines Award Notification – See the Letter & Check

  1. two days ago i recieved a similar letter from AirTran, it is labeled as an Award Notification and states that I have won 2 round trip airline tickets. Come! On! Admit I was a smidge tempted to call but then they will hound me to no end. Thank you for posting your letter…

  2. AML, I think you may have narrowly escaped being put on a sales lead list… AKA sucker list.
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. just received the same letter.
    i thought it was a little off, so after checking, found it has been an ongoing scam for years.

    i would like to give them a call and play with them for the hell of it, but not worth my time.

    avoid at all costs!

  4. I received a letter IDENTICAL as the one posted on this website on 10/12/12. My Issued N. is 1008 as well.

  5. Received my #1008 US Airlines Travel Award Notification today for $1,298.00, signed by Amanda Jon. Just amazing that these people still think we are going to redeem these scams! Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

  6. LOL, I received my #1008 US Airlines Travel Award Notification today for $1,298.00, signed by Amanda Jon, as well! LOL

    Scam,Scam, Scam!

    Thanks, everyone!

  7. I also recieved my check for 1298. Today signed by Janet Ali
    I am glad I checked, I already get calls from Rachelle from cardholder services,
    About my accounts that Ineed not worry. Wish I could send her to the shredder,
    Along with this check haha

  8. Mine was signed by Jane Lynn check the signature no one has that great of a signature. Glad its the final notice since I never got any before lol. Too bad no return address or I would return it to them and say congratulations you won and can send me the money in cash! Ha Ha HA. Scam fly away on your own voucher.

  9. Just got this in the mail today. The first thing that jumped out at me was the name “US Airlines”. There’s no such company. There is “US Airways” and “United Airlines”. Nice try by the scammers here. My notification is also No. 1008 like everyone else’s, and my check amount is $1,298.00. But mine is signed by Sue Hall, and like Sherry said, the signature is perfect. I looked up the phone number on my notification (866-955-4136) but there’s nothing out there.

  10. I received one brom US AIR…not airlines, or airways. The envelope was hand written, and so was the signature. They are getting better and better at this. I received one of those vouchers in the fall, and threw it away. I’m not sure why I keep getting this crap. The postmark was Phoenix, but there was no return address. same value etc

  11. Well add me to the list. I received one today US Airlines No 1008, $1298.00 from Scottsdale, Arizona and signed by Julie Lee perfectly. All computer generated. It’s always too good to be true.

  12. I received my check for $1,350 today. The check number is also 1008 and the signature is Taylor Barrone!! No return address. US AIRWAYS is NOT us airlines folks. My check was “issued” 5/1/2013.

  13. Just received my check #1008 for $1,350, from US Airlines. I must reply by 05/24….I have to hurry!!! I need a vacation. LOL

    By the way, it was signed by Charlotte Hoehn. The check was issued by Travel Union, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, 22-922441/907644

  14. This is hilarious – apparently there are many signatories for this “Official Airline” that does not exist – My check No 1008 was issued by Travel Union in Scottsdale, AZ
    ( my authorized signor of this bad, not worth the paper it is written on check – was Juliann Rogers –
    Creativity matched with another persons naïve optimism still pays off in the land of the free – LOL
    Either way, stay away SCAM is written all over this.

  15. Just got one for Delta SKYREWARDS. From Travel Union Scottsdale AZ 65251 #117-172-894 Signed by: Dina Schelten
    Apparently they are trying to prey on the people that are searching this and not seeing Delta, since all your posts are in regard to US Airways (and Airtran).
    Basically If you didn’t register to win then you REALLY didn’t win.

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