Bicycle Boom as Gas Prices Soar

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By Lori –  Summary:  With gas prices on the rise should commuting by bicycle be a consideration?


Once again, as gas prices begin to rise, we American’s begin to think about how much of our hard earned money is going into our tank and once again, we begin to think of alternatives.

Although this line of thinking may only be temporary in many cases especially if we stop to consider the United States still has some of the cheapest gas prices when compared to most of the western world.  However, a spike in gas prices affects everything we purchase and a sudden rise (or fall) can have a huge impact on the economy leaving many to believe that perhaps a pro-active stance on the purchase of a Eco-friendly bicycle may actually be an effective solution.  After all, gasoline prices rarely go back down much once they’ve been raised.

Today, many cities offer bike friendly designated lanes and places to lock-up bikes making commuting by bicycle the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get from point A to point B.  Bike enthusiasts might say this is a win-win solution as we are currently seeing gas prices increase on a daily basis. And, there are a number of bike designs, styles and accessories to fit the bike commuter’s needs.

A good local bike shop can help with determining your needs and budget and can match you with the right size frame along with a well adjusted seat and handlebar height. They will be glad to assist with finding the type of bike that fits your needs and many offer scheduled maintenance plans with a bicycle purchase.  If you’re one who has considered adopting a conservative transportation choice, here are a few bicycles for consideration:

Mountain Bikes:  Comes with wide tires that usually have knobby treads and a more stout frame than road bikes. Mountain bikes are not as fast as road bikes but you sit higher and more upright making for a more comfortable ride.

Road Bikes:  Features skinny tires, a lightweight frame and a riding position that puts you bent over the handlebars. These bikes are faster than mountain bikes and might be a choice if speed is more important to you.

Hybrid Bikes:  Include features from both the mountain bike and road bike.  With a stouter frame and slightly wider tires along with a more upright position.

Fold Up Bikes:  Many fold up bikes will fit you like a full sized bike but offers the ability to fold compact enough so it can be taken anywhere. These are popular with those who take mass transit or live in congested metropolitan areas.

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