Pogo.com- Is It a Scam?

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By: Blake

Many people are familiar with the popular game site Pogo.com. The site gives you a chance to win cash jackpots for free on a variety of games. The jack pots can be up to 4,999 dollars, but does pogo pay out.

I have done some searching online and have found that many people that have won a jackpot on pogo have not received their prize. The only reason pogo will not send a prize is if the winner has used some sort of cheat. There are many sites that have down-loadable software that will play the games on pogo for you, but pogo can recognize this and will not send your prize if a program like this is used by our account. A lot of people that have been denied their prize claim that they have never cheated, but who knows for sure. The cheat programs are widely available and free. Anyone can be using them and if pogo sees that your account has ever used a cheat then they will never send you a prize if you win.

But does pogo pay out? Well they are still in business, so they must be paying out. I know for a fact that they do though because my friend’s mother won over $400 playing the pop-it game. I personally have never won anything, yet. If I ever do I will make a post of it prize received or not.

What do you want for free? Pogo is a fun place to waste some time and chat with different people. If you have an interesting pogo experience please comment.

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About Blake

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22 thoughts on “Pogo.com- Is It a Scam?

  1. As you know, EA now own Pogo.com. EA have always been and will always be completely incapable of any sort of decent customer service. They don’t care about their customers once they have the money in the bank, the recent debacle with Spore is proof of this. It takes a lawsuit for them to actually give a crap. As for them detecting cheat-bots on peoples computers, I don’t believe this rubbish for one second, EA can’t even make half of their games work properly, what makes you think that they could even muster up enough brainpower to detect something like that. The simple truth is, they don’t want to pay you and will lie to you to avoid doing so. EA DON’T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY.

  2. I do not believe that Pogo can tell if you are using a program to cheat. I have an excellent Program on my computer that checks for tracking cookies, which i assume pogo would have to use, and i have yet to catch one from pogo. I believe whatever they used to monitor the software installed on my computer my firewall would block or my spyware would pick up.
    I also do not believe that if they had the capability of actually determining if you had cheated, and had proof, that they would refuse to show you the proof, which is what they supposedly do. I myself have never won. I have also never given out my password and have never cheated. Well, I have occasionally googled letters for scrabble words when in a jam, but other than that i have not.
    I honestly hope to one day win and have the win denied for cheating, then i will know for sure that they are lying, and I will start a massive class action lawsuit requiring all fees be returned and the site be free only from here on out. Until then, I can only base it on what others say. I believe pogo is the cheat.

  3. Hi, Chana. I have been researching Pogo and I find them very, very sketchy. I refuse to pay to play games, but since they have ‘jackpots’ it can be justified, I suppose.

    Everything you have said about there being no tracking cookies makes a lot of sense to me.

    I am taking criminal law classes at a university and while you can file a civil lawsuit against them, you need substantial proof first. So be sure to get that. A program that proves you did not cheat but monitoring all the activity on your computer. Also, if anyone ever gets this jackpot, and does not get paid because of this ‘you cheated by using a bot program’, and you did not, you need to contact a local newspaper. Reporters eat up this sort of thing.

    I really can’t wait for this website to pay back everything they should pay back to the members that have won. I highly doubt all of these people are lying about all of this that is going on……


  5. I won a jackpot on Aug 24th of 2010 of 3278.32 and pogo gave me the same thing. I cheated. I play Trivia(JP was in Trivia) and Word Search everyday at 8 am. I was told the same day I changed my birthdate and was called a liar when I said I never changed my birthdate. I know when I was born. So now I will never go into Pogo and play because they don’t pay jackpot winners. There is another woman that won the day before me 4999.00 and she has yet to get anything from Pogo. She is still showing her JP badge. They took mine from me.
    badgehelper.com is part of Pogo. It has to be because they have a cheat the day before the actual game comes out. Do I trust them. I even faxed in my W9 as instructed with my social security on it. Lots of luck to anyone who wins. Maybe oneday they will honestly pay when someone wins.
    I know they didn’t pay me.

  6. How can we really find out for sure? I know people who say they did get paid. Then there are those who say they never got paid. Is there a way to have POGO PROVE they are legitimate?

  7. As far as the game client software being able to distinguish between actual input from a mouse click or simulated through another running program (auto-clicking). I know a little Windows programming, having done some myself. There is no way the Java app you are running (the Pogo game) can distinguish between the two. Mouse input generates what are called “events” which are then handled by Windows. Any other Windows software can also send these same events to your game and simulate mouse actions. As far as the software knows an event was triggered. What caused it it could care less and has no way of knowing. So if Pogo does have a way of proving the use of auto-click software, it is not by software detection. But possibly it is by the timing of the clicks, especially if clicking within a few milliseconds of the start of the opening time the next spin or whatever is available. And this being done repeatedly. Regardless, a report showing what your computer has done to disqualify you from your winnings should be given out. At the least.

  8. Resurrecting this thread about Pogo….
    The latest problem with Pogo is the “Server is busy” screen and crashes and lags , I’m assuming are from the overloaded servers. Back in the day of AOL newness, a class action suit was won requiring AOL to pay off for people who paid for the service and weren’t able to use because their systems couldn’t handle the load of all the paid memberships. I think its time Electronic Arts was bit by that same reasoning. Wake up EA, if people won suing AOL over the very same type of thing, you could be next. Are the dollars you make really that precious to you ? If they are, I’d take a good look at throwing some hardware at your problems and taking away the risk that we might take our money back.

  9. Here’s a thought no one has suggested…..If pogo claims that someone cheated by using some sort of software…then THEY must have the games rigged to prevent people from winning. And when someone does win…it’s a flaw in their system. If they can’t prove the activity on your account to show cheating has occurred….then how can they possibly know…other than the games are rigged.

  10. Well, for everyone who thinks Pogo is a scam just because they haven’t won yet, that doesn’t mean their a scam. There are literarly 100,000′s of people playing and think of a drawing. Just your one ticket going against a bunch of 100,000′s tickets. The odds are very strong that you will not win. But, if they do make claims that you cheated so you don’t get the prize, but you don’t cheat, then they either made a mistake or yes they are a scam.

  11. If you really think playing for x amount of time should guarantee you a prize you are nuts. There are people who play the lottery their entire lives and never win it…That’s life.

    As far as them proving if you are cheating, I noticed no one actually has a clue about the way their site runs. Way to guess there guys/gals lol. Especially the “criminal law student”. Good luck with your career, if you think you are going to get anywhere with that logic. Maybe you grew up a bit by now though?

    There are many ways that can be used to detect cheating. Are they all fool-proof? Nope, but the chances are they are going to weed out way more people stealing than innocent people. Not always fair, but again, that’s life. It happens in all aspects of life.

    And stop trying to contact the winners so you can see for yourself. Companies have literally had to set up systems that block incoming contacts so that these people aren’t harassed constantly,especially by scammers.

    If you don’t trust the site, then don’t play. It’s as simple as that. Perhaps more importantly though, you should be playing for fun, otherwise you are just wasting your time. The odds are so low, that you’d be better off investing your time in a business.

    By the way, you aren’t paying for jackpot spins, just additional games and features.

  12. i think they con people on a daily basis, there support service is corrupt too, waiting for a new games site to arrive im done with pogo!

  13. I too have been playing games at Pogo.com and have never won a thing – I actually checked the list of recent winners and friended them, hoping I could send them a message to see if they truly did win the cash prize as indicated – go figure – NOT A SINGLE ONE of the newly friended recent winners list show as active or currently playing – I’ve checked several days now and it shows the same status for every single player/recent winner: “Not In A Game Room”.
    I honestly think it’s illegal advertising and no cash prizes are ever given… What a sham! and a Shame too…

  14. I have been beating my head against the wall trying to get help from Pogo or EA or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. I have been having technical issues and cannot get ANY help anywhere on their site. I have posted in the forums demanding that someone assist me, only to have my posts deleted and no response whatsoever to my pleas for assistance. Pogo/EA has this thing called Terms of Service that all players have to abide by… so where is Pogo’s side of the contract showing their duties and obligations to its customers? I want to start a class action against them for their blatant failure to provide any reasonably accessible customer service and for arbitrarily deleting posts that are placed on their forums to try to elicit assistance. Can you help me?

  15. Pogo is a rip off! My ex husband hacked into my account and got me banned from club pogo,
    They will no give me back my money nor will they reinstate my account.
    Can you say the word THEFT or FRAUD people
    I have a learning disabled son, i only got club pogo so he could play the word search and i needed club pogo for that.
    They are useless to talk to.
    They told me to make up a new account and pay again! HUH

  16. Pogo are thieves and crooks
    My ex hacked my account and now i have beeen banned they will not give me back my money nor my club pogo! Can you say THIEVES people

  17. what i dont understand after all these complaints why have the government not stepped in. if the government really cared for its people, they should step in. if pogo is harrassing and all that then they should be destroyed or a taste of there own medicine. what is the government doing about this not a damn thing. because scams are completely legal, because they also make money from pogo to screw people. with all this complaints and law suites and proven documentation of fraud why dont the government step in on this. people being charged with out permission stealing.

    EA sports/Pogo Games – Email/Social Network for $1,500.00 on 05/10/2012
    up0 Was this helpful? flag abuse Flag Abuse
    I have also been playing Pogo games for many years. On April 17, a player SilverPalMan came into a game room. It was quickly noticed, playing in a bowling game room, that none of the player could possibly win the badges, tokens etc they were playing for. In order to play for a badge gems must be bought and used to access the program for that badge. There are 10 strikes to a game, for 10 frames which equals 300 points, (the top) to win the game. That can no longer be done as SilverPalMan is running a “robot” program purchased from a Yahoo web site. He actually does not participate in the game, as we would think of playing. This cheat program allows him to sit for hours pushing a button and then the program automatically win a “strike”. He has been in the Pogo bowling game site room for almost a month. Today, i took the time to see how long he would keep it up. He came into the room on Wed. May 9, 2012 at 10 a.m. It is now Thurs., May 10, 2012 at 2:57 a.m. When one purchases a membership for Pogo games, $39.00 + tax for the year, you can read their rules and regulations. They assure you that spamming, spoofing, scamming, cheating and theft are not tolerated under any situation. They assure us that the offender will be removed. After 1 month of this individual running this scam for hours and hours every day, and hundred of abuse report (requested by Pogo if this type of problem occurs) Poco has refused to take any action to stop it. The player SilverPalMan is now in the same game room he has been in since yesterday morning. Of course, pogo is going to make a profit from the type of behavior. you use your gems, which you pay cash for, to try and win a game and it isn’t going to happen guaranteed. Standard blah blah blah is received, the same message replying to over 30 abuse reports submitted just by myself. Plus hundreds submitted by other paying players. Pogo, after so many years of having played and enjoyed the games and the participants, has become one big scam. it isn’t just this type of situation. People cancel their memberships but Pogo still removes money from their credit accounts, because you have to give them he number to pay the membership fee. What is so ironic, is Pogo cancels an individuals account if the word damn is uttered. Get the money, screw the player. An they will tell you they don’t have to explain their actions to you.
    Submitted by PogoPigs, 46 minutes ago

  19. A new member of Pogo. Have already noticed the posibility of a scam. Find absolutely no way to contact them, but can anyone tell me how I can op out or if they indend on automatically renewing my membership after 12 month’s. I definitely DO NOT want to continue any membership with these people.

  20. I won a $2000 jackpot on 6-5-2012 and they forfeited me because I had supposedly won a daily drawing within the last 90 days. Well I have been a member since 2002 and the only thing I have ever won were screensavers and wallpapers. I have never won anything real. So I for one definetly believe they are a scam.

  21. I was notified that I won a jackpot on pogo in mid March of $2000. They said I should be paid within 60 days as I filled out their online claim question. It is now near the end of June and I have yet to receive anything and there does not seem to be a way to contact them or Entertainment Arts about it.

    So, do I believe it is a scam???? YES

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